Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fraction Fun

We began our unit on fractions this week. I love this unit because not only is it a change up of skills, but it lends itself to many fun activities that demonstrate real world connections. Below are a few ideas we will be trying out in our classroom during this unit:

  • Cupcake Math- This is an activity I designed last year in which students each decorated a cupcake, and then we analyzed what fraction of the class made the same decision in regards to how they decorated their cupcakes.
  • Fraction Town- In this craft activity, students design a map of "Fraction Town". Streets are labeled according to what fraction they represent (for example, Second Street is divided into two equal parts). Students then follow a set of instructions to add details to their map such as houses, fire truck, trees, etc. This activity is always enjoyed by all.
  • Fraction Fashion Show- New this year, I will be using an idea I got from TpT (thanks to Lesson Plan SoS) where students will dress up as fractions for the day. Pictures to come next week.... :)
What are some fraction activities you have found to be helpful in teaching the skill?

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