Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Market Day

During the past two weeks we have been studying Economics. Students have been earning "money" by attending school, turning in homework, participating in class discussions, and making good behavioral choices. It has been a great change of pace for them. Similarly, they also lose money for making poor behavioral choice, not being ready for class, etc.  Students will then take they money have earned and use it to spend at Market Day!

What is Market Day? Market Day is an afternoon set aside each year where students create a product based upon their talents. This product is then sold to their fellow third grade classmates. It is an excellent real life example of these skills. Students submitted a business plan and paid for a business license in order to run their business. We have studied effective means of advertising and marketing. Students have made ads for their product and have promoted the product to the class.

Pictures will be coming shortly...Market Day is one week from tomorrow! What real life simulations do you do in your classroom in order to teach concepts?

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